Terraform State Move - Refactoring Terraform Against Existing Infrastructure

Terraform State Move Example

Have you ever wanted to refactor a Terraform configuration against an already existing infrastructure? In the past, modifying the Terraform state required manually editing a potentially large and confusing JSON file. Recent versions of Terraform make it possible to manipulate a Terraform state file using supported CLI commands. With this new capability, it is significantly easier to refactor an existing Terraform configuration into modules without affecting the underlying infrastructure in any way. If you are importing existing cloud infrastructure into Terraform, you will also likely be using the terraform state * commands to build a modular configuration.

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AWS CloudFormation vs Terraform

I am a firm believer in the benefits of programmable and repeatable infrastructure for organizations of all sizes. There are a wide range of tools that are available to help you along this path but I just want to touch on two of them today: CloudFormation and Terraform.

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